Private Business Coaching

Private Business Coaching

Private Coaching Services Overview

At Clear Vision, our mission is to help business owners reach sustainable positive change that results in…

  • Significantly improved revenue and profits.
  • Happy, productive, more cohesive teams.
  • Less stress and more free time.
  • Renewed passion and excitement.

We have worked with hundreds of owners and executives throughout Tennessee in four key areas: Sales and Marketing, Leadership and Team Building, Financial Literacy and Planning & Execution.

Our list of clients includes businesses in retail, service, financial, medical, and manufacturing.

We offer standard coaching programs as well as the option to customize a curriculum based on your needs. Our standard programs range from $200 to $3,000 per month and our program selection process ensures a good fit that will support your needs and result in a meaningful return on your investment. In fact, we offer a Money Back Guarantee for your success.


Why Choose Private Business Coaching?

Private business coaching is ideal for owners that…

  • Have specific areas they want to address,
  • Value a customized approach,
  • Are looking to achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible.

The Clear Vision private coaching model focuses on balancing both short and long term gain, allowing focus on the urgent needs of an ever-changing business climate, without sacrificing attention toward longer term objectives.

Advantages you can expect as a Private Client:

  • Personalized coaching agenda
  • Unlimited access to your coach
  • Customized team training options
  • Invitations to private events
  • Access to highly regarded industry professionals such as CPA’s, Attorney’s, and Wealth Managers



Our Standard Private Coaching Programs


A “transformation” is defined as a dramatic change in ideas or practice and it can only start when you have a goal, a leader, and support. If you have a goal to achieve something far greater with your company over the next few years, if you believe in your team and are now prepared to lead the charge to fully engage them, and if you are ready to get the support you deserve to ignite your vision and create a new level of success, this program is for you. With this program, you will benefit from:

Clear Direction – We will get the entire team on board, by creating plans that include strategic long term goals, annual priorities, and quarterly actions all designed to motivate success and drive ownership and accountability. This will include a strategic annual marketing and sales plan.

Better Communication – By assessing team members and training how to recognize personality styles, you’ll better understand each person’s strengths as well as challenges, and know how to communicate accordingly for better results.

Enriched Management Skills – Talented employees will be identified and they will have the opportunity to develop their skills to be the best they can be. This may involve management and leadership training or coaching.

Performance Clarity – As a team we’ll determine the leading and lagging key performance indicators in sales and operations that will quickly identify wins, and potential risks for each department and the company as a whole. We will collaborate to ensure clear understanding of all financial results and cash flow management.

Enhanced Productivity – Using your dashboards, time management tools, written systems, and other simple to implement accountability methods, everyone will understand what’s expected of them and how to reach their goals. This will include managing sales expectations. 


You want to take the quickest, most direct route to success, but you may not have a tremendous amount of time to commit or a fully staffed organization to dedicate to the Success Transformation Program. The Focus program allows your management team to be involved and you can still focus directly on your most pressing challenges and goals, but since your private coaching sessions take place twice per month (versus weekly,) the intensity may be more realistic for your organization. With this program, you will benefit from:

Clear Direction – We will explore your long term vision and strategic goals and then get the entire team on board by creating plans that include annual priorities and quarterly action steps.

Sales Optimization – We’ll identify your most profitable client types; the key advertising messages that drive prospect traffic; delivery systems with maximum ROI; tracking methods that quickly distinguishes winners and losers; and create a sales process to maximize your revenue potential.

Enhanced Productivity – Using dashboards, time management tools, written systems, and other simple to implement accountability methods, everyone will understand what’s expected of them and how to reach their goals.


In addition to your regular coaching sessions, our standard coaching programs include:

  • Strategic and tactical planning forms
  • Customized dashboard to measure key business numbers
  • Quarterly progress reviews
  • Communication-style assessments
  • General business templates such as forms used to hire and manage employees
  • Time to critique written advertising pieces, sales processes, operational handbooks, etc.
  • Emergency calls (between regular coaching sessions)
  • Topical reading materials

Customized coaching programs may also include:

  • All staff workshops
  • Management meeting facilitation and workshops
  • Additional employee coaching sessions at reduced investment