Group Networking

ClearVision - Group Networking in West TNNetworking and Group Coaching Overview

At Clear Vision, our mission is to help business owners reach sustainable positive change that results in…

  • Significantly improved revenue and profits.
  • Happy, productive, more cohesive teams.
  • Less stress and more free time.
  • Renewed passion and excitement.

We have worked with hundreds of owners and executives throughout West Tennessee in three key areas; Sales and Marketing, Leadership and Team Building, and Planning & Execution.

We offer standard coaching programs as well as the option to customize a curriculum based on your needs. Our standard programs range from $30 to $2,000 per month and our program selection process ensures a good fit that will support your needs and result in a meaningful return on your investment. In fact, we offer an Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.


Which program is right for me?

Why Choose Group Coaching?

You are seriously ready to move your company forward, but resources are a little tight and you may not have a management team in place to take advantage of a fully loaded private coaching program. The good news is you still have outstanding potential and the Group Coaching programs’ one private coaching session and one group meeting per month will give you the right amount of:

  • Personal Attention – mixed with group support to deliver business knowledge customized for your immediate needs,
  • Specific Direction – via your coach-reviewed plan to ensure you have clear goals and a tactical plan to reach them,
  • Accountability – to privately support your efforts and help overcome roadblocks so you can reach your goals in a shorter amount of time.

Participants are matched with a group that consists of members from similar industries or with similar goals, company size, etc. Groups often consist of solo-preneurs or those with smaller teams where the support and group feedback is particularly advantageous. Because coaching is done in a group setting, it can be more cost effective for owners who are just starting out or struggling with cash flow issues.

Why Choose Networking Groups?

Networking groups are ideal for owners that…

  • Enjoy the dynamics of group collaboration and learning,
  • Want to overcome challenges and celebrate successes with a supportive team,
  • Are looking to gain the benefits of coaching at discounted pricing.

Advantages you can expect as a Networking group Client:

  • Small group meetings
  • Unlimited “Quick Question” answers outside of meetings
  • Networking with like-minded successful owners

When you are ready to make improvements in your business and really like the idea of a support system of like-minded professionals that you can learn and share with, the Networking group program bi-monthly group meetings give you the chance to learn with the encouragement of others.

We Also Offer Private Corporate Group Coaching

Private groups are made up of employees within one company. It can consist of a particular department or level of employee (i.e. sales department, all managers, etc.)

The Clear Vision group coaching model uses a proven agenda to keep the meetings on track, but is also flexible enough to meet the changing needs of each participant. Group Sessions typically last up to 90 minutes. Frequency depends on the program chosen. They take place face to face either in our offices or at the company site.